Friday, July 30, 2010



All NOC document are ready for submission. Currently, KPT needs 1st year result in order to issue NOC.

Once the result slip is available, MM will do submission. KPT is quite efficient recently, it took them only 2-5 days to get it issued. ALHAMDULILAH.

JPA documents must be submitted by 10th of August 2010. Juz in case, your NOC is not out yet by 10th, please proceed with the submission without NOC. Submit NOC to JPA once it is ready. Alhamdulillah, JPA understands the issues we are facing here. Thanks to JPA!

Hope this info helps.

Salam and lots of luv,


  1. salam alaik... actually klau nk mohon NOC... juz pergi kew JPT kat putrajaya... x perlu result 1styear... cume result spm, perakuan blaja kat uni, surat tashdiq, pape berkaitan uni... but its takes a week untk siap... so pergi la cpt2 untk buat within dis week....

  2. salam, thanks for info. ummi rasa they allow coz terlampau byk complaint. so, all NOC, will be sumitted 1st thing monday. u guys can call KPT terus on wednesday, pls collect yourself once it is ready.

    so far yg dah hantar ni 2 hari siap. pray for the best.

  3. so,mknenye ummi da hntrkn prmohonan utk NOC tu utk sume student MM ke?or kami perlu buat mcm y rushdi ckp tu?

  4. salam,

    setakat jumaat lepas, dimaklumkan KPT nak result. andaikata diberi kelonggaran boleh dihantar tanpa result, so 1st thing monday morning boleh dihantar utk semua. once dah hantar, will upload the acceptance acknowledgement here. kalau perlu result slip, meaning KPT will contact u guys directly.

    make doa , semoga dipermudahkan.