Friday, July 30, 2010


Salam all,

Wishing all of u the best in the recent imtihan. Hope for Najjah wa MUmtaz!...Ameen...

Some update from Dr Wafaa, the result will be OUT next week. Meaning, it will be after JPA close for application! Please take note, JPA application is only valid using the final first year result. 1st Sem result is not valid at all.

MM is coordinating with few MM yg tak balik, Insyallah to expedite the printing process. Bear in mind, when result is OUT, they will just glue it on wall.....and for them to come out with the individual slip, it will take ...(months)...rabunna yusahhil.

Slip will be email to each of u ASAP and the ori will be posted too.

B. SO WHAT's NEXT??...
Ummi nyer suggestion, since result will surely be OUT b4 10th of August (mmm last date for JPA document submission)

1. Please make sure u apply online, TODAY, using your expected result, mmm for those scored MUMTAZ sem 1, pls put MUMTAZ. Otherwise, put Jayyid Jiddan. (Bear in mind JPA only give Tajaan for JJ above....but whatever, whatever ur result, rezeki Allah swt tentukan!)

2. For those sitting for Dur Thani, don't worry much, as u can still have chance in Feb2011. Pls FOCUS on Dur Thani.

When the actual result is OUT, if the ACTUAL is not the same as what u keyed in, please inform JPA ASAP in writing.

Make DOA!

Salam & Lot of Luv,

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